Counterparty Compatible Wallets

Counterwallet - click HERE for this Web Wallet 

LTB Companion Wallet - click HERE for the Google Chrome Extension Wallet

Users may also research the Counterparty-D command line wallet, the Counterparty GUI Desktop wallet beta and the iOS & Android Counterwallet by IndeSquare. Note: These listed wallets are in development, beta or require advanced user experience. Use at your own risk. We suggest the Counterwallet & LTB Companion Wallet for the most user-friendly experience.

Technical Info


Counterparty is a platform for free & open financial tools on the Bitcoin network. Counterparty runs on the Bitcoin blockchain and allows for creation of tokens like OCTO. Check out Counterparty.io for more info.


Tokenly is a platform that provides the tech that makes tokens useful. Tokenly has developed TCA (Token Control Access), TCV (Token Control Viewpoints), Swapbots, Tend and are currently working on a LTB Companion wallet fork to be called Tokenly Pockets. Check out Tokenly for more info. Contact Adam for more information.


Letstalkbitcoin is content driven platform that includes podcasts and blogs. It rewards users with LTBCoin for participation in the LTB network. For all things Bitcoin & Counterparty check out Letstalkbitcoin.com for more info. Contact Adam for more information.


Coindaddy.io is an asset enhancement service for Counterparty & Dogeparty created assets. Check out the videos below and their website by clicking HERE.


Counterparty (Bitcoin 2.0) Block Explorer, Analytics and API services portal. Providers of information on all XCP transactions, assets and related Bitcoin blocks. Check out the video below and their website by clicking HERE.